--Last Updated in November 2012
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The final release of the EOB New Testament is now available! Enjoy, and thank you to all of you who have contributed to finalizing this project.

The EOB New Testament is also available as an APP for your iPhone!

The Psalter is due out for the end of the year. We still need editors for the rest of the Old Testament - please write!

The next immediate project is the Catechism of the Orthodox Faith (due out in 2013).

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EOB Old Testament preview: download the book of Zephaniah / Sophonias

Contributors with good editing skills are urgently needed to help complete the project - please contact us for more information.

Support the EOB Project by adopting an Old Testament book or making a donation to the Project.

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The Eastern / Greek Orthodox Bible

is a scholarly translation and edition of the Holy Scriptures based on the Septuagint and Patriarchal Greek Orthodox with extensive introductory and appendix material. The Eastern / Greek Orthodox New Testament is now available.

The Eastern / Greek Orthodox Old Testament is being proofed and edited for initial release (in print format) in 2012.